GO Auto Recycling believes that hiring, retaining, and training good people are at the heart of our success. Our employees are hard working, high energy, team players that have a strong competitive drive. GO Auto Recycling strives to be the best, and we want to attract the best employees from a wide range of backgrounds.

GO Auto Recycling offers rewarding opportunities at the cutting edge of the recycling industry. We hire the best and the brightest and then give them the freedom to spot problems, find solutions, and become more productive. We truly believe people are our most important asset.

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GO Auto Recycling
12270 New Kings Road
Jacksonville, FL 32219

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Hours Mon-Fri: 8am – 5pm (EST)
Toll Free: (877) 874-8856
Local: (904) 765-4242
Fax: (904) 379-9377

12270 New Kings Rd.
Jacksonville FL 32219

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